Deep Cleaning House Checklist

Deep Cleaning House Checklist

APR 7, 2023 BY Katie Barton

Declutter a room before you start cleaning

Dust Your Life Fixtures  and Ceiling


Use a feather duster or long-handled duster brush to remove build-up from light fixtures, ceiling fans, and the ceiling

Tackle the Appliances

– Clean the oven and stovetop – Wash your dishwasher filter – Descale your coffee pot – Clean the inside of your refrigerator and freezer – Clean the inside of your microwave

Clean the Cabinets and Pantry

– Go through food and throw out expired items – Throw out Tupperware and storage containers with missing lids

Wipe Counters and Clean Backsplash

Wash Walls, Windows, Baseboards, and Trash Can

Sweep and Mop

Clean from top to bottom

Tackle the Shower and Bathtub


– Remove your shower curtain and launder per the manufacturer’s instructions – Wash your bath mat (most are machine washable) – Replace your shower curtain liner if needed – ...

Clean and Disinfect the Toilet


– Wipe the base of the toilet, toilet seat, and rim with a disinfecting cleaner – Clean the toilet bowl with an appropriate cleaner

Clean the Floors

– Sweep the floors – Clean your grout – Mop the floors

Dust the Ceiling, Light Fixtures, and Exhaust Fan

Wipe Counters, Sinks, Mirrors, Baseboard, Walls, and Windows

You don’t need fancy cleaners

Clean the Washer and Dryer

Laundry Room

– Clean the inside of the washer (the method depends on the type of washer you have) – Clean the dryer vent – Wipe the outside of the washer and dryer with a mild cleaner

Wash Baseboards and Walls

– Use dish soap and water to wipe down the walls – Clean the baseboards

Dust the Ceiling and Light Fixture

Sweep and Mop

Wipe Flat Surfaces and Decor

Living Room

– Use a mild cleaner to wipe down coffee tables, tv consoles, shelves, and mantels – Wipe down decor, including picture frames – Water plants and remove any dead leaves

Clean Furniture and Curtains

– Vacuum all furniture – Wipe down wooden or plastic pieces of furniture – Spot-treat upholstery as needed – ...

Dust the Ceiling and Light Fixtures

Wash Walls, Baseboards, and Windows

Sweep and Mop

Break down tasks into more manageable chunks

Clean Dressers, Nightstands, and Closets


– Clean out your closet, getting rid of items you no longer want – Go through dressers and nightstands, discarding items you no longer want – Wipe down dressers with a mild cleaner – ...

Clean Your Bedding, Mattress, and Curtains

– Remove and launder sheets, mattress protectors, blankets, and pillow covers – Vacuum the mattress and pillows – Steam clean or spot treat mattress and pillows – ...

Dust Ceiling, Light Fixture, and Lamps

Wash the Walls, Baseboards, and Windows

Sweep and Mop

Clean Flat Surfaces, Chairs, and Decor

Dining Room

– Wipe down your dining room table, hutch, and other flat surfaces – Dust decor – Wipe down hard chairs and vacuum upholstered chairs – ...

Dust Ceilings and Light Fixtures

Clean Curtains, Blinds, Windows, Walls, and Baseboards

Sweep and Mop

Pickup and Discard Trash


– Pickup toys on the ground and put them away – Discard trash

Wash Walls, Curtains, Blinds, Windows, and Baseboards

– Vacuum or launder curtains – Dust blinds – Clean windows with a glass cleaner – Wash walls with soap and water – ...

Clean Ceilings and Light Fixtures

Clean Flat Surfaces and Decor

Sweep and Mop

Clean Ceilings and Light Fixtures

Clean Flat Surfaces and Decor

Sweep and Mop