DIY Decorative Candle Holder Made From Basic Materials

If you’d like to add more candles to your own home’s decor, here’s a simple way in which that can be done. Follow the tutorial to find out how to make a decorative candle holder out of simple materials.

What we need

– wood board – rope – jar – sponge – hanger – hook – creme and brown acrylic paints – paintbrush – scissors – hot glue – template

Let's make DIY Decorative Candle Holder


Paint the board: Use the cream acrylic paint to apply a nice even coat of paint on the front of the wooden board as well as the edges. A small paintbrush would do since it’s a small board and you need the dexterity to also paint the thin edges.

Paint over the template using a sponge: Once the creme paint has dried, center the template over the board and then use the sponge and brown acrylic paint to fill the little open spaces in the template.


Remove the template to reveal the pattern: When you’re done applying the brown paint and you’re happy with the coverage, go ahead and remove the template. Reveal the beautiful pattern that you’ve created.


Attach the hanger to the back of the board: Next, take your picture hanger and attach it to the back of the board. Place it at the top and center it making sure the board will look level when you hang it up on the wall.


Add a little hook at the top: You should also have a small screw-in hook prepared for this project. Flip the board face up and find the center, then insert the hook into the board at the top.


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