How To Make A Kitchen Utensil Holder From A Repurposed Cutting Board

This little utensil holder is easy to put together and doesn’t require too many materials or tools. It can also be customized in lots and lots of different ways and it’s a fun project overall.

What we need

– Cutting board – patterned fabric – pin – silk ribbon – grey acrylic paint – paint brush – hammer – scissors – hot glue

Let's make A Kitchen Utensil Holder


Paint the cutting board: First things first: paint the cutting board white. This will give you a nice and clean surface to work with later on.

Measure and cut the fabric: The idea here is to use the fabric to make a little pocket that you can then attach onto the front of the cutting board.


Glue the seams: Apply thin lines of glue to the underside of the fabric along the edges and fold them one and then once more to make the seams.


Secure the fabric onto the board with thumbtacks: Take your fabric, align it to one of the edges of the cutting board making sure to fold it inwards. Then start adding the thumbtacks. You’ll need a hammer to push them into the wood through the fabric.


Continue with the other side and the bottom: When you’re done with the first side, fold the fabric once more on the opposite edge and repeat the process.


Make a little bow: Take two pieces of ribbon and make a little bow. The color of the ribbon should go nicely with the fabric that you’ve used and with the white cutting board base as well.


Add a hanging loop at the top: Your cutting board should have a little hole at the top so it can be hanged. Run a piece of ribbon through that hole, make a loop and tie it with a knot.


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