How To Build A Cute Halloween Terrarium


Supplies to craft a Spooky Terrarium for Halloween: – Glass container – Gloves – Rocks – Soil – Succulents – Moss – Spoon – Spooky plastic spiders and skeletons (what we used here but you can use any small plastic Halloween items) – Faux spider web

Step 1: Layer of rocks

Fill your glass with a layer of rocks to create the base of your terrarium. Gently arrange the rocks in the bottom of the terrarium as to not break the glass.

Step 2: Prepare succulents plants

 Arrange the plants in your terrarium and use the leftover soil from the planters to fill in the gaps in the soil. Try to keep the soil off the succulents as much as you can.

Step 3: Add moss

Use your spoon to place some moss down in the terrarium.

Step 4: Add Halloween accessories

Finally, to make your terrarium really "spoooooooky", strategically place spiders, webbing, and skeletons around and over the plants.


Once Halloween is over, you can easily remove your spooky items to make turn the terrarium back into a simple decor item!

Spooky Terrarium for Halloween Decor.

Happy Halloween!