Cute DIY Cabinet Knobs Made From Concrete

Struggling to find a cute-looking set of knobs for your vanity or your dresser? Making cabinet knobs from concrete is actually super simple and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t  try it.

What we need

– concrete mix – water – bowl – spoon – heart shaped silicone mould – paint brush – white and pink acrylic pain – screws

Let's make DIY Cabinet Knobs


Mix the concrete with water: Once all the supplies are gathered and ready to go, start combining the concrete mix with the some water in a bowl. Then blend them together with the spoon to create a smooth paste.

The next step is to pour the concrete mixture into the silicone moulds. We chose a heart-shaped mould because we wanted the knobs to look like little hearts but you can definitely choose a different shape if you want to.


Insert one screw into each little concrete heart: When you’re done pouring the concrete mixture into the moulds, insert one screw into each one making sure it’s with the flat side down.


Remove the concrete hearts from the mould: After the concrete has hardened, go ahead and pop out the little hearts. Be gentle so you don’t damage them. The silicone mould is flexible so you can easily bend it to make the process easier and smoother.


Apply a base coat of paint: Use your paintbrush to apply a coat of pastel pink paint onto the surface of each knob. This will be the base coat for your design.


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