Easy DIY Colored Pencil Organizer Made Out Of Cardboard

You could just store a bunch of pencils in a cup but that wouldn’t really say a lot about your creativity and your style. An original colored pencil organizer like this one on the other hand stands out for all the right reasons.

What we need

– cardboard – ruler – pencil – glue stick – tape – scissors – patterned paper – rope

Let's make DIY Colored Pencil Organizer


Measure and cut the cardboard into 4 pieces: Based on what size and shape your cardboard has, go ahead and use the ruler and pencil to divide it into four equally-sized pieces.

Shape each piece of cardboard into a triangle and secure it with tape: Once again use the ruler and pencil to divide each piece of cardboard into 3 sections. Then bend the cardboard along these lines and shape it into a triangle. Use a piece of tape to secure it so it holds this shape.


Glue the triangles together: The enxt step is to glue all these triangles together to make an even bigger one, sort of like a pyramid with four smaller chambers inside.


Measure and cut a piece of wrapping paper: Measure and cut a piece of wrapping paper big enough to cover the multi-triangle cardboard pyramid you just made.


Decorate the cardboard organizer with paper: Wrap the patterned paper around the outside of the cardboard organizer and use glue to make sure it sticks to all the sides. Gently press to take out any air bubbles and to get a smooth surface on all sides.


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