Pretty Christmas Dining Table Decor From Scratch

Christmas is a time to show your best table decor skills, so whether you are crazy for interior styling or not, you will need to take care of that.Today I will show you a quick, yet pretty idea – how to set your table for arrival of your guests.

What we need

– wooden ring – brass ring – metal wire – a tiny twig

Let's Decor Christmas Dining Table From Scratch


Go for a clean base – natural elements will pop on a white table cloth – making the final look elegant and stylish.

Think of a centerpiece – it doesn’t have to be fancy, I placed a few spruce twigs inside the white vase to add a bit of interest to the table.


Add related decorations – in this case I used brass Christmas mobile and a pine cone – both spray painted in gold finish to match my color palette. You can use candle holders, or anything else that will go with your main theme.


Place setting – I have added a little decoration for the guests, which they can take home after the party.


Then simply wrap around all three elements and place in each plate, on top of a napkin.


Add vases and serving plates – use pottery and glassware to match the style – I went for a simple white plates and glasses.


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