Cement Vs. Concrete

By Rachel Brown, Jun 24, 2023

Cement is a binder that acts to connect other materials together and concrete is an aggregate mixture. Concrete is a collection of distinct materials that are mixed together.  Concrete contains cement, which acts as a binding agent, aggregate in the form of gravel or crushed stone, water, and additives.

Cement is the primary ingredient in concrete. When it comes into contact with water, it undergoes a chemical reaction called hydration that begins the hardening process. Concrete is the final product that cement creates.

Cement has limited direct application; builders use it primarily as the main ingredient in concrete. Builders use concrete in building projects of all kinds.  Artists also use concrete to help them create indoor and outdoor sculpture and other visual art.

Cement is not very durable on its own as it can erode and be susceptible to cracks over time. Concrete that has been properly mixed, poured, and cured is highly durable, resistant to weathering, and usable for years to come.