Cactus Nail String Art With Painted pot

Nail string art is one of the many creative techniques which can be used to create beautiful and unique decorations. Today we’re checking out a small project with a really cute design: a cactus string art decoration that you can hang up on your wall. 

What we need

- Wood board - Spot glaze - White and brown acrylic paints - Paint brush - Pencil - Hammer - Nails - Embroidery thread - Scissors - Hanger

Let's make Cactus Nail String Art


Stain the board: The first step of this project is to stain or to paint the wooden board. We chose the dark spot glaze to give the board an elegant look and to create a backdrop that allows the cactus nail art can stand out.

Sketch your design: Next, use a piece of paper and a pencil to sketch your design. You only need to focus on the cactus itself at this point. The little pot that it sits in will be added separately.


Center the sketch on the board and add nails along the lines.


Remove the paper: When you’re happy with how the nails are spaced out you can go ahead and remove the paper. Pull it gently and get all the pieces out. The nails should be the only things remaining on the board. 


Paint the pot: Now it when you can finally paint the little pot that the cactus sits in. we used some white acrylic paint for this because it contrasts nicely with the dark board and with the nails and the string as well. Paint the outline first, then fill it all in. 


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