How To Make A Cute Bucket Planter Decorated With Rope

Struggling to find a good-looking planter for your lovely indoor flowers or herbs? Here’s a super simple design that doesn’t require a lot of work or a lot of supplies. 

What we need

– pot – rope – silver yarn – green acrylic paint – paint brush – scissors – hot glue gun and glue sticks

Let's make A Cute Bucket Planter Decorated With Rope


Cut two pieces of rope for the handles: First figure out how long you want the handles to be and cut a piece of rope that you think is sufficiently long. Then place it against the rest of the rope and cut another piece the same size.

Decorate the handles with silver yarn: Decide what portion of the handle you want to decorate, tie the silver yarn onto the rope and then wrap it around until you’ve covered the section.


Glue the handles onto the pot: Now is the time to glue the handles onto the pot, one on each side, opposite to each other. Just put a little dab of hot glue onto the pot and then press the rope onto it with your finger.


Decorate the outside of the pot with rope: Now it’s time to take the rest of the rope and to wrap it around the pot. Start from the pot on the side that you want to become the back of your planter.


Decorate the planter with paint: To complete this step, dip your paintbrush is some acrylic paint in the color of your choice and then paint the rope at the bottom of the planter as well as the first loop at the top.


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