DIY Flower Pot Stand With A Lovely Boho Design

A flower pot stand is just what you need when you want to group up a few small planters together or raise a large one off the floor. This is also a little something that you can craft yourself at home.

What we need

- round wood board - wooden rod - ruler - paint brush - pencil - lace ribbon - wood glue - creme acrylic  - spot glaze - handsaw - scissors - hot glue gun

Let's make DIY Flower Pot Stand


Measure and divide the wooden rod: The wooden rod is going to be used to make the four little legs. Before that can happen you first need to measure it and then divide it into four equally-sized pieces. Use a pencil the mark the exact points where the rod needs to be cut. 

Cut the rod into 4 pieces: Using the pencil marks as guidelines and your handsaw, cut the wooden rod into four smaller pieces. Take your time and use a cork mat or a piece of cloth to protect the surface of your worktable as you’re doing this. 


Stain the round board: Use wood stain or glaze or cover the entire surface of the round wooden board you’ve prepared for this project. Apply this using a paintbrush to both the front and the back side and don’t forget the edges either. 


Stain the rod pieces: Repeat the same process for the four rod pieces you’ve cut earlier. This way the legs will match the top surface when the flower pot stand is assembled and will look just right.


Decorate the round board using paint: Use a thin paint brush and some acrylic paint in a contrasting color to decorate the round piece of wood once the stain or glaze is nice and dry. You can come up with your own original design or copy this one. 


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