Prefab  A-Frame House Kits Starting at $29,000

By Stefan Gheorghe, June 15, 2023

An A-frame house is a triangular-shaped structure that looks like the letter “A.” It provides covered shelter and features a sloped roof.  Because the steeply sloped roof creates sharp interior angles, A-frame homes are smaller than traditional residences.

As the smallest A-frame home on our list, it’s also the easiest to build.

System 00

If you have a large family or need extra storage space, Avarme has four kits in their DUO line

Avarme Duo 100

An A-frame house kit contains the necessary pieces to build an A-frame house. Home kits are sold at big box hardware stores or online by manufacturers. The kits range between $60 to $140 per square foot. Prefab A-frame homes don’t require carpentry experience to build.

It’s classified as an RV rather than A-frame since it’s portable and on wheels.

Bivvi Cabin

The Solo+ 42 is the smallest option clocking in at 184 sq. ft. It features one bedroom and no bathroom.

Avarme Solo

The average cost to build an A-frame home is $150,000 per 1,000 square feet, which includes materials and labor. The lot size is a separate expense.

You won’t find a more energy-efficient A-frame home than the Madi.

Madi A-Frame Home

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