14 Outdated Kitchen Trends That Everyone is Ready to See Go

White kitchens, which once looked clean and modern, now seem sterile, lacking in personality, and overused.

All White Kitchens

Many people still prefer this surface, but the trend of using it in new kitchen designs has faded due to overuse in the 2000s.

Granite Countertops

Warmer, more textured tile options have gained popularity since 2020.

Subway Tile Everywhere

Statement lighting does not require a significant financial investment, but it yields an immediate return.

Standard Light Fixtures

Kitchen designers are abandoning handle-free doors in favor of textured design trends with mixed materials and a cozier aesthetic.

Handle-Free Doors & Cabinets

Although there are still many beautiful kitchens with statement backsplashes, they tend to age faster than more understated options.

Highly Decorative Backsplashes

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