Spring Cleaning Tips and Tasks


“While “National Cleaning Week” in the US takes place during the fourth week of March, many start spring cleaning when the weather warms.” 

The Most Important Spring Cleaning Tips to Follow


Working room by room and completing one small project at a time can help.

Work Room by Room


Big chores, like washing every wall in your home, can feel so overwhelming you don’t want to get started.

Break Big Tasks Into Small Chunks


If you only have five minutes, pick a five-minute task.

Don’t Start Projects You Don’t Have Time to Complete


Spring cleaning task, and for a good reason – proper organization can benefit your family

Focus on Practical Organizing


Start with a thorough decluttering in each room of your house

Declutter and Minimize Household Inventory


Use a broom or long-handled duster to knock dust and cobwebs off the ceiling.

Dust Ceilings


Washing walls and baseboards is not a frequent cleaning task in most households, which is why it’s on our list.

Wash Walls and Baseboards


Working from room to room, clean windows with a glass cleaner and microfiber cloth.

Wash Windows and Blinds


Shower curtains play a critical role in keeping a bathroom floor dry.

Wash Your Shower Curtains


Couches are notorious for collecting crumbs and dust between crevices and under cushions.

Vacuum Furniture and Curtains

Follow the tips below to maximize your efforts.

Replace or Clean HVAC Filters?