Ways to Increase a Space’s Fun & Function with Paint

Chalkboard paint has been around for a while now, and its popularity has grown into an almost mega-trend. The possibilities are literally limitless – the other day, I saw that someone had painted their world globe in chalkboard paint and had chalked onto it some random notes sketches. (Of course, a change like that wouldn’t help your kids pass their Geography class, but, hey, maybe it’ll help them in Art?)

If you like the idea of chalkboard paint but don’t quite know where, or how, to incorporate the look, not to worry! To get your creativity flowing, here are some ways that chalkboard paint is used in home décor that not only adds to the space’s personality but also increases functionality:

Chalkboard Paint on Common Walls.

Chalkboard table

Whether it’s in the entryway, the kitchen, a bar area, or anywhere else, having one solid chalkboard wall can be just the thing to promote creativity, conversation, and character. The messages and artful communication on these often-seen common walls can change as often or as slowly as the home-dwellers want. What I love in this idea is that adults and children alike can enjoy expressing themselves freely and without fear of “permanence.” (And, yes, the kids CAN draw on the walls!)

Chalkboard Paint for Organization & Labels.

Chalkboard table

If you’re like me, storage baskets and boxes come and go in your home, or the seasons change and so, too, must a storage bin’s contents. Chalkboard paint is a perfect way to label these boxes stylishly, without minimal effort required when the label has to be changed. Because the paint can be applied to nearly any surface, simply find a durable label that works for your style and the size of your box, paint it out, and you’ll be able to know what’s in each box all the time. (Plus, it just looks cute.)

Chalkboard Paint on Furniture & Appliances.

Chalkboard table

On the side of my own refrigerator, I keep a magnetic notepad. Which is fine until the notepad gets misplaced by sweet little “helping” hands. I adore this idea, of painting chalkboard paint (original green, no less) on the front of the fridge or other appliance or furniture. It’s both useful in chalking notes for grocery lists, from phone conversations, to other family members (they’ll likely see it on the fridge door, right?), and so on. Useful and playful, this strategy doesn’t take itself too seriously, and I love it.

Chalkboard Paint on the Inside Door of Cabinets.

Chalkboard table

If it’s not your style to leave messages or notes-to-self exposed for all the world to see (maybe you’d prefer that people didn’t know you really need to pick up deodorant at the store…this time for sure), consider the equally useful alternative of painting chalkboard paint on the inside of a cabinet door. This is helpful for shopping lists, menus for the kids to see “what’s for dinner,” phone numbers, and/or other important messages that might be more appropriate for family-eyes-only.

Chalkboard Paint on Tables & Desks.

Chalkboard table

This idea could take the concept of “game table” to a whole new level. Whether working up a game of tic-tac-toe, practicing cursive, making calculations to the monthly budget, or doodling while chatting with friends, having a chalkboard surface handy is a perfect outlet for creatives and analytics alike. You could always up the ante a little by having a variety of chalk colors available, too, and see what artistic endeavors ensue!

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