Trend Spotter: Picture Ledges

Gallery walls are an art for the interior decorator. And like art does, they have morphed into a new and interesting form over the past year. I’m talking about the picture ledge. Long or short, single or grouped, picture ledges are replacing gallery walls in living rooms all over the place. Not only do they create a more streamlined look, they make filling an empty wall an easier task. With a small ledge, the decorating possibilities are endless. Check out these 10 ways to incorporate picture ledges into your home.

layered ledge

Are you hesitant to replace your gallery wall? Try removing all your pictures and knick knacks, putting up a picture ledge and then decorating the ledge with everything from your previous gallery wall. When you have so many shapes and sizes, it creates a cozy layered look that’s easy to change with holidays, seasons or even your mood!

simple ledge

Minimalist art lovers will adore this set up. A single picture ledge with a single line of photos makes a great focal point above a couch. This is especially convenient for families who are always updating and refreshing their photos. (via The Picket Fence)

high ledges

Don’t fret about your high ceilings. Just consider it an opportunity to install more picture ledges! Stack them high to fill the unused space and then just place your pictures. You’ll be glad you don’t have to keep climbing a ladder to switch out your prints. (via C-More)

full wall ledges

You know what? Why not fill an entire wall while you’re at it! You can display your favorite art prints, quotes, photos, magazines, greeting cards, the book you’re currently reading and the seashells from your last vacation. The possibilities with all that space are limitless. (via Emmas Design Blogg)

low ledge

Most picture ledges are quite thin, but that doesn’t mean they have to be. Swap a thick picture ledge and install it low in your living room. It will hold all your art as well as your morning cup of coffee. Goodbye side tables. (via Apartment Apothecary)

space filler ledge

All homes have that one odd empty space that’s too big for one print but too small for a gallery. Good thing picture ledges are DIY-able. Make your own in just the right size and fill that odd empty space. If it’s in the dining room, stuff it with plates. If it’s in the living room, stuff it with prints. You get the idea. (via Let’s Stay)

colored ledge

Just like you want your gallery wall to match your living room’s color scheme, picture ledges make that goal even easier. Frame some colored scrapbook paper that matches your couch and add a frame or two in the color of your area rug. It will make your ledges feel cohesive with the rest of the room without making them go on color overload. (via Nalle’s House)

cookbook ledge

Yes, you can even use picture ledges in the kitchen. Put up a few above your counter and display your favorite cook books! Not only will the pretty covers act as kitchen art, the fact that they’re so easily accessible will make you more inclined to reach for them when it comes to meal planning.


Cook books aren’t the only books to display on a ledge. Use some in your child’s room or play room so they’ll be able to see all their favorite titles at once. Goodnight Moon and Peter Rabbit will become good friends when they read so much. (via Oh Everything Handmade)

office ledge

Photographers, this one’s for you! Use a picture ledge in your office to display your favorite or latest work. The ledge will make it super simple to be continually updating your photos and your customers will enjoy getting to see your work up close and personal. (via Style Me Pretty)