The Best Ways to Incorporate Lucite Into Your Home

Lucite has gone in and out of style so many times, but currently, it’s in. You could say lucite is the new black. Lucky for us. Such a sleek and beautiful trend can work with almost any style. It’s clear, colorless and usually displays clean classic lines. Through the years it’s a trend that has caught on stronger with each comeback and this time, there as so many options to incorporate lucite into your home. Here are 13 to get you started and no doubt when you’ve finished, you’ll think of a hundred more.

Lucite coffee table

Let’s start with the classic. Who knows when the lucite coffee table first appeared but it’s a great piece of furniture that provides surface space without the bulk, no matter how small your living room is. (via Domino)

Lucite guest menu

For some people, a bar cart is a necessity for life. Invest in a lucite bar cart and no matter what shade of metal is in or out, your cart will always be on trend. Plus it will let the attention rest on the cups and accessories instead of the cart itself. (via Apartment Therapy)

Lucite guest menu

Who could say no to a lucite dining chair? They even come in classic silhouettes so you’ll have no problem blending them with your classically decorated home. Sheepskin seats are a bonus. (via Homepolish)

Lucite wall plate

Looking for a way to add lucite to your home in a small way? Try lucite plate covers. It provides just the piece of chic you were wanting without having to splurge on furniture.

Lucite guest menu

Chests are invaluable pieces for the home because they solve so many problems! A lucite chest can hold your extra throw blankets for all to see or a place to throw all your child’s pretty wooden toys, all while acting as a side table in your living room. (via Wisteria)

Lucite guest menu

We don’t style bookshelves for nothing. We style them to be looked at. On a lucite bookshelf, your books and trinkets will suddenly become vastly more interesting. (via Wisteria)

Lucite hardware

It’s difficult to choose a hardware that will compliment your home and not become dated in a few years. Lucite is the solution. It comes in all the hardware you will ever need and it won’t have a finish to even go out of style. (via A Beautiful Mess)

Lucite guest menu

Cooks in small kitchens is a never ending problem. How will you ever get enough surface space for your cooking adventures? A lucite island will provide that much needed space while not taking up any space visually in your small kitchen. (via Katie Kime)

Lucite foyer console

Same goes for the foyer. If your entryway seems too small for a console, go with lucite. A simple stand can give you a place to stash your keys and a plant but stay almost invisible in every other way. (via French By Design)

Lucite toy bookcase

Don’t let your kids miss out on the lucite fun! A simple lucite bookcase can store their favorite books and toys where they can easily be found and brought out to play. Not to mention your child’s nursery will be all over Pinterest. (via Emily Henderson)

Lucite side chairs

Side chairs can be a practical decision or a decorative one. Lucite makes it both because how can a clear chair go out of style? Find yourself a pair of small ones that can easily be moved around your living room wherever they’re needed.

Lucite folding chairs

Everyone should have a set of folding chairs that they can pop out for guest seating. Have some lucite ones on hand for the most beautiful temporary seating they’ve ever seen. (via Domino)

Lucite guest menu

Love lucite but can’t afford a big change? Pick up a few plain squares and use them to display your menu for all your dinner parties and holiday soirees from now until eternity. (via Happy Wedd)