Step Up Your Game When Decorating With Wrapping Paper

There’s always something really exciting about decorating a gift with wrapping paper. Every time the process is different and every time you find new ways to customize the gift, new kids of wrapping paper you can use and new techniques. So it’s about time you step up your game and make your gifts stand out a bit more. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to complicate things.

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It’s ok if you’re not a fan of patterned or colorful wrapping paper. You can just use plain brown or white paper and still make your gifts look cute and lovely. You can use the technique described on lovedecorations. Take a piece of paper, draw the outline of the item you want to wrap with it and then draw something there. It can be a cloud, a heart or another simple shape. Cut around the edge of half of the drawing and fold it over the other side. Then, when you wrap the gift, you can place a piece of colored paper underneath that portion and it will look really nice.

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Also, if you don’t like any of the design options available for wrapping paper in stores, make your own. You can design your own pattern or design and then print it out on white paper. Use it to decorate the gift and then make a loose bow using ribbon, cord or anything similar. Check out meritzalisa for some inspiration with that.

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Sometimes less is more and a type of wrapping paper that’s plain or has a simple pattern such as black and white stripes can turn out to be a much more beautiful and elegant choice than any other versions. In fact, a black and white gift can be decorated with a semi-transparent bow in a soft pastel color and it would look amazing. {found on goldstandardworkshop}

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Another chic option that also uses the timeless black and white combo to look wonderful can be found on goldstandardworkshop. The speckled dots featured here look really nice thanks to their subtle imperfections. You can easily create this design yourself using a black marker and some white paper. When you’re done decorating the gift, add the finishing touch: some pom-pom trim in a fresh color.

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For a boho-chic look, try the idea offered on tikkido. You’ll need a few things such as wrapping paper with a floral design, lace, leather strips, feathers and some felt and silk flowers. First you need to wrap the gift and then you can have fun with all the accessories. Make a braid out of thin leather strips and also tie some thin lace around the gift. Then add the feathers and silk flowers.

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You can make your gifts really pop with beautiful flower toppers. To make such an accessories you require round and smooth styrofoam, faux flower stems, scissors, glue, a thin skewer and a craft foam brush. Push the flowers’ stems into the styrofoam and use different heights to give the topper a nice shape. Cover the whole piece with faux flowers. Place it on top of the wrapped gift. {found on mollymell}.

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And since flowers can be so lovely and cute, let’s also see how you can make a dandelion decoration using a styrofoam ball, q-tips and a straw. Basically you just cut the q-tips to the desired size and you insert them into the styrofoam ball. You then add the straw. It’s really simple and really cute and cheerful. Check out the full tutorial on lovedecorations.

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There are plenty of ways in which you can make your own wrapping paper. For example, you can use lemons or limes and acrylic paint to get a design similar to the one on honeycrispca. Depending on what type of paper you use as a base, the design can differ. Here’s how you do it: slice a lemon in half and let it dry for a few hours. Cut out a large piece of paper, apply some paint on the flesh side of the lemon and then stamp the paper with that.