Wavy Bedroom Furniture by Thomas De Lussac Sarl

Sea offers us a wonderful landscape irrespective of season. A sunrise, a sunset, the waves, the ships that float on water, a faraway wrack offer us unforgettable moments and make us dream of or meditate on different things.

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A summer holiday at the seaside is a wonderful opportunity to recharge your batteries with energy, good mood and fun.Thomas De Lussac Sarl thought of a dynamic shape for a bed that reminds us of the moving waves of the sea. Its curved shape makes you think of those hot summer days that you spent at the seaside. If you close your eyes, you will feel yourself floating over the winding waves of the sea, forgetting about all your problems and enjoying the warm rays of the sun that touch your body.It is a piece of furniture made of wood veneer and makes you relax after a long day of work.

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