Waving and Luxury Long Island Beach House by Thomas Phifer + Partners

Sea is a beautiful place which offers us incredible moments. The sandy beach, the moving waves and the beautiful sunsets or sunrises create a wonderful décor.Who would not want to have a house at the shore of the sea?In Long Island, there is a luxury beach house which can offer you the chance to enjoy all these beautiful moments created by the sea and its surroundings.

Luxury Long Island Beach House 1

It is a spacious house which fits perfectly this decor. The interesting thing about this house is related to its roof. The roof has a waving form which can make you think of different things.

Luxury Long Island Beach House 2View in gallery

Luxury Long Island Beach HouseView in gallery

The undulating curves of the roof may remind you of the building which has the same shape from Sydney, Australia or you may think of the waves of the sea. The second variant shows you the fact that it is a house which matches so well with the surrounding area and it is perfect for a beach house.