Waves pillow

My zodiac sign is cancer, so I am a sign of water. I don’t believe too much in this horoscope thing, but it is true that I like water a lot. I love to swim and to go to the seaside or at least to the swimming pool every time I have the chance. And this is why I though it would be a good idea to arrange my bedroom in a marine design. Once I decided to do this I started looking for the appropriate items that will help me get the wanted design. This Waves pillow is very simple in design, yet it is very beautiful and succeeds to bring a special feature to any bed or bedroom.

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The pillow is not just a comfortable pillow covered with ivory organic cotton. It is also very nice to touch and has a very interesting design. The wave pattern on the pillow case is printed with teal water based ink and looks absolutely great. But because the ink comes in a nice contrast with the background, you will have to use cold water when washing it in the washing machine. If you combine this pillow with a nice light blue bedding and maybe some other blue and white details in your bedroom, you will get the best marine design ever. You can find it and a matching bed sheet on Etsy.