Wavering Ombre Curtain

It is winter, so there is little light from the sun. I prefer sunlight instead of using electricity all day long, so I want to make everything possible to let as much sunlight in. That is why I choose very thin and transparent curtains. This Wavering Ombre Curtain is one of my favourites because it is so delicate and seems to have been woven by a spider. It wavers at the faintest blow of the wind and it looks great with its colour combinations and the nice looking crochet paillettes that are added as charming accessories.

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This curtain is made of rayon and cotton lining and has great design. The colour changes from top to bottom, going from almost white to the darkest tint possible at the bottom. It is available in black and turquoise, so whatever your choice, you can’t go wrong, as both choices look amazing. The beauty of this curtain is enhances even more by the very nice hand made accessories that are applied – those crochet paillettes that give it style and uniqueness. The curtain is perfect for the dining room or living room and adds some personality to your home. It is perfectly safe to wash in the washing machine and is also available in many sizes. Depending on the size you choose, you can purchase it for a price starting with €94.95 from Anthropologie.