Waterhog Crescent Doormat

Winter is close to coming to end and spring is about to come. So weather is changing and the snow is melting down. That is why it is not very pleasant to walk outdoors since all the meted snow is turning into big muddy ponds and you don’t like this very much especially if you are a pedestrian. Any way, you don’t need to walk for a long time in order to get your shoes dirty, so doormats seem to be very useful and appreciated these days. This Waterhog Crescent Doormat  is a very good example of a perfect door mat.

This door mat is very nice as design and also very practical. It is made of recycled materials and has a nice crescent shape. This allows it to cover the from part of the door in a nice way without looking unpleasant, but rather natural. The mat is great for  mudroom, hallway or entryway and you can use it for years, so it is very difficult to worn out. It is not slippery and is great for muddy days and it is also water resistant. This is perfect for rainy days when you wipe your feet and enter the house, but the dirt and the water remains on the door mat instead of getting carried in the house. You can have it now for $49.95.