Waterfall Ruffle Duvet Cover

All girls dream about being princesses and being very spoiled by their mothers and loved ones and staying in bed all day long while the nanny brings them breakfast in bed. Of course these dreams include the whole arsenal of a princess: pink dresses, a diamond crown, lots of servants, a loving prince … and a Waterfall Ruffle Duvet Cover. You can laugh your heart out, but a princess MUST have a duvet cover with lots of delicate ruffles or else …

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This bedding is beautiful and delicate and every girl’ s dream come true. It is made of cotton and has the highest quality, so it feels great on your skin. It is easy to clean in the washing machine and has a very feminine pattern. It is available in many different colours you can choose from and confers a sensation of comfort and peacefulness when you sit in bed , wrapped in it. Just choose the colour and size fit for your bed and purchase it for a price between $149-199.