Water-Cooled House by Wallflower Architects

Water cooled house by Wallflower Architects is contemporary green house on a natural plot in Singapore. Focusing on water providing natural cooling as well as excellent appearance through the designs of the home, the house is a two story home with a pond on both first as well as the second levels of the structure. A long pond spans the entire length of the interior.

Water Cooled House by Wallflower Architects1

Water Cooled House by Wallflower Archi2tects2

At the upper levels is located a central pavilion that is also skirted by a pond that creates the impression of palm lined waterfront. Pond in the second line is shallow but it intakes natural solar heat insulating the living portions underneath and provides an excellent natural air conditioning in the Hillside Residence.

A study as well as a living room is located on the first floor that has floored marbles that gives the impression of continuation of a pond. An underwater window appearing above the front door walkway and circular staircase giving a panoramic view of the floor above creates an environment friendly natural environment for the visitors to enjoy.[wallflower architecture via thecoolist]

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