Water battery powered clock

I envy scientists for their beautiful minds because they see extraordinary things where we see only normal and usual things. They are able to see the future and new methods of improving it and they are not afraid to try new things as most of us are. So one of these scientists made a lot of research and found out how to obtain electricity out of water.  I mean, you can power up a small battery and use the energy to start and keep a small item functional, for example a watch. I know it’s still a long way until our cars will work with water , but this is the first step. The Water battery powered clock is that small thing that rocks my world when speaking about innovation.

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This special clock works with water and it can even be connected to moist soil in order to work properly. You just have to attach some zinc and copper strips and cable and carry the energy obtained to a small battery that makes the clock work properly. The clock has a digital display and needs very little energy to carry on working. It is totally ecological and also pretty cool. You can order the item now for just $20 from Soho Corner Store.