Washington Courtyard House by Roland Terry

Roland Terry designed this project and it has come-up into a full-fledged refashioned and developed building. At the outset the house is built as a group of continuous layers and in between there are lot of spaces specifically designed for taking rest and moreover a waterfalls moves through the path. According to the plan the house is separated into two, two storied masses which are being divided by a transparent joining pavilion.

Washington Courtyard House

Washington Courtyard House4

The courtyards are being united with leg-side terrace and also to the lake with large sliding glass plates by the pavilion in both physical and visual means. The external columns, extensive glazing, terraces and trellises expand the architectural excellence.

Washington Courtyard House1

I admired this building for its stylish designing and it is exclusive for its fashionable look. Even though the houses are built in a series, it always gives an aristocratic appearance. The path for the water adds up to the beauty of the building.