Washi Tape Decorative Boxes

I often feel I’m at my most creative and productive when I’m working in an uncluttered and organized environment, so I’m always on the lookout for functional (but ever pretty) ways to keep the clutter at bay. And that’s why I love these washi tape wrapped storage boxes. They’re colorful, easy and affordable to make, and keep all my craft odds and ends stored away. I love them so much, I might make up a few more and use them to wrap gifts–in lieu of wrapping paper.

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  • Plain box with lid
  • Washi tape in various colors, widths, patterns, and finishes
  • Scissors

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1. Choose the order you’d like the washi tape colors to be applied in. Wrap the first washi tape color horizontally along the top perimeter of the box beginning at one of the corners.

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2. After wrapping the entire perimeter, trim the washi tape strip straight up and down so that it meets the other end and completes the band.

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3. Continue wrapping the box with washi tape rows until the box is completely covered.

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4. Start on the box top by lining the outer perimeter with washi tape. I cut the corners at 45 degree angles for a cleaner, chamfered look (rather than overlapping the square corners).

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5. Continue working your way into the center of the box top with different colors of tape.

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6. When you reach the center, cut a tape square just large enough to cover the center opening, as I did with the yellow washi tape above.

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7. Lastly, line the lip of the box top with another color of washi tape. Finish the end with a vertical cut. Press all tape down firmly.