Long narrow Warburg house

Somewhere in Warburg in Alberta, Canada there’s a very lovely home. It’s a new house designed to replace the old one. The construction of the new building was completed in 2012. The house is sitting on an area of 748 square feet/ 69.5 square meters, on a wooden Canadian farmstead. It was designed by Jordan Allen and Ryan Trefz from bioi, in collaboration with Rob Marriott and VerdaTech.

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The clients requested a simple house that would also be functional, efficient, economical and, of course, good-looking. Putting all these elements in the same design is not easy. The client also had another important request. He wanted this contemporary and energy-efficient house to be built for less than $100,000. The architects managed to make all that possible. They designed a house that sits 200 mm above the ground, facing south and with a meadow to the east.

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The shape of the house is iconic and very simple. It’s also elegant and pure-looking. Inside the house there’s only one large volume. Two steel frames support it and its exterior is draped in black corrugated steel sheets. The house has two entries, one to the east and the other one to the west. It’s a simple and clever ventilation system that also allows views of both the sunrise and the sunset. The western side of the house is completed by a log cabin that’s a century old and used for storage. To the east the house features a small deck that leads to a small meadow. It’s a nice retreat, simple but beautiful.{found on archdaily}.