Walnut 2 Drawer Laptop Desk

Our modern society and its technology allowed us to use all sorts of gadgets and devices that have just appeared on the market, but which are rapidly spread all over the world and are immediately used by people all over the world, become something very usual, even indispensable. For example laptops were a dream let’s say ten years ago, but now everybody has one and uses it in all the moments of a day, in every place. But sometimes this can get uncomfortable. Yes, you can use your laptop in bed when you chat with your friends for half an hour, but when you work on it for hours, you’d better do this behind a desk. It is a lot more professional and the position of your body is correct. Not to mention the fact that laptops have a nasty habit of getting overheated when placed in your lap, on a pillow or mattress. I guess this Walnut 2 Drawer Laptop Desk is perfect for your home office, for you or for any modern person these days.

Desk 2 drawers

The desk is made of walnut, which gives it an incredible colour and makes it part of your room furniture in a very elegant way, making the room look more like a living room than an office. The warm brown of the wood is very nicely emphasized and the four leaning legs support the weight perfectly. The laptop work station is expendable, so you can draw it out when working and push it back when you want to have a break and this action is done smoothly thanks to the neat system on the side. The two drawers below are great for storing anything you might need to and also the desk top is perfect for displaying the items you need more like a desk lamp , an organizer or maybe a clock. This amazing piece of furniture is called Astrid – a girl’s name – and it is manufactured by Vermont Wood Studios. You can have it for $1,672.