Wallpaper – Is It In Or Out Of Style?

Would you say wallpaper is a trendy decorating feature or is it more like an element that’s reminiscent of traditional and rustic decors? It’s a question everyone struggles with at one point or another. The answer is somewhere in between. Yes, wallpaper can have a traditional vibe but, given the right design and if you use it right, it can also make your home look modern and fresh.

Striped wallpaper for bedroomView in gallery
Keep the décor simple with striped in subtle shades

Certain designs, like the faux paint finish, need to be applied by a professional or they can look kitschy. Others won’t give out a trendy vibe no matter how you use them. These days there are tons of different designs, textures and patterns to choose from.

Green main color for bedroom is this wallpaperView in gallery
You can also maintain simplicity if you use bold colors. Green is a refreshing tone

Wallpaper provides us with an affordable and simple way to change the ambiance in a room, to create optical illusions, to hide defects and to give a space a dramatic and distinct look. The key is knowing what color, texture and design to choose.

Pastel colors wallpaperView in gallery
Pastel colors usually have a very calming effect and they give out a serene vibe

by Rikki Snyder 

In areas such as the living room or the dining space, you can opt for more graphical designs. Consider only covering one wall with wallpaper and turning it into a focal point.

Dining room wallpaper designView in gallery
Pick a design that matches some of the other décor features, like the chandelier

Wallpaper is definitely in if you use it in the bathroom. It has become a popular trend to turn the bathroom into a stylish space and to hide its utilitarian side with elegant accent details.

Metalic wallpaper for bathroomView in gallery
For an en-suite bathroom, match the wallpaper with the bedroom


Bathroom tree wallpaperView in gallery
The birch pattern is a nice and elegant touch for this contemporary bathroom

Take into consideration a few less traditional uses for wallpaper. For example, use it on the ceiling instead of the walls. A wonderful idea for the bedroom – you can get a starry ceiling without paint or stickers. In the kitchen, use wallpaper to line the interior of your shelving units or place it behind open shelves to create a nice background.

Ceiling wallpaperView in gallery
Wallpaper the ceiling in the kids’ bedroom to give it a playful look