Wall Mount Treku Bookcase

I do not have too many books, but I do have a normal bookcase where I keep my books – both of literature and also other books that I and my husband need in our jobs: grammar books and exercise books for me and engineering stuff for him. Then there are the kids books – how to raise your child and story and colouring books. Well, I am very happy when I know exactly where to go in order to find just the right book, so I like keeping them divided into different compartment, depending on their content and also size. That is why I consider this Wall Mount Treku Bookcase the best choice for me, since it allows me to make the selection rigurously, according to certain criteria.

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The bookcase skeleton is made of four or five thick metal poles that support the bookshelves. The interesting and unique design of this bookcase shows us many compartments that look like small trays that are meant to store books according to a certain criterion and these trays are fixed to the poles, making the bookcase look great. These trays are called “brackets ” in the description made by the guys from DWR and they are moveable and adjustable. This piece of furniture is made of White wenge wood veneer with dark wenge stain and also has a composite wood core. It can be purchased for $1,205.