DIY Wall Décor Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

The walls of our home tell us the most interesting stories. They reveal the history of the space, the layers of color that transformed it over the years and, most importantly, they reveal the character of the current décor. People often underestimate the power of beautifully-decorated walls, focusing only on the furniture, lighting and all the other details. But the walls are not to be ignored, considering how many great possibilities there are in terms of interesting design. A lot of them don’t even require a big budget or even leaving the house.

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If you have a lot of beautiful photos gathered over the years you could put them all together and create a Instagram wall. It can be a big gallery with lots of small, square pictures and they can all be organized inside a really large frame.

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For those that like decors a bit more on the rustic side, one option is to display decorative plates on the walls. Consider this idea for spaces such as the bedroom. It’s a type of décor that can make the space feel cozy and inviting.

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A gallery wall can also be created with a collection of framed photos and images. For a more interesting look, mix and match various types of frames of different shapes, colors and sizes and decorate them with both photos and other things like clippings from books and magazines or posters.

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You can also create a diversified display by combining framed pictures, mirrors and other accessories and decorations. A sconce could fit in quite nicely.

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Instead of displaying your collection of framed photos on the wall you could organize them all on open shelves. You can create a beautiful collage and add some small decorations in between.

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And instead of traditional frames you can choose to use something different. For example, make your own frames using scrap pieces of wood, chicken wire and other things you can find in the house. Perhaps you could also repurpose some things like an old tray or a cutting board you no longer use.

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Also, you could make your own artwork. Let’s say you want to paint a silhouette of an animal. Print out the image and cut out the shape to make a stencil. Trace it onto paper or canvas and then paint inside it. This idea works for all sorts of other designs and themes.

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You could create a stylish and modern wall decoration using some pictures or images you can print out, a hole punch, yarn, gold rings and glue. Cut the pictures if necessary and punch holes in all four corners. Then run some yarn through them, making sure to attach a metal ring at each end. Add a tassel at the bottom. {found on homeyohmy}.

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Instead of pictures you can print out some images that you like. Pick a theme such as flowers, insects, shells or something else that would suit your home’s décor. You can print them on old, yellowed paper for a vintage look. These images of shell specimens on savedbylovecreations are perfect for a coastal home.

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Another great idea for budget-friendly wall art is offered on wecanmakeanything. This project requires engineering print, a wooden scroll frame (or two dowels), wood glue, clamps and twine. Print out a photo. It can be the image of an iconic building, cityscape or simply some beautiful landscape. The black and white looks great here.

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With a wood dowel, lots of yarn and a pair of scissors you can make something wonderful which you can display on the wall. The project is pretty simple. Hang your dowel between two chairs or on a wall, cut some pieces of yarn and start tie them onto the dowel. Trim them (not necessary all the same length). You can find out more on almostmakesperfect.

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If you have some washi tape in the house then you won’t even need anything else for this project. The idea is really simple. You use washi tape pieces to decorate a wall. It would be nice to use tape in different colors or with different patterns but that’s not mandatory. Cut small pieces of tape and adhere them each to the wall in a random manner. {found on freckleandfair}

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Isn’t this wall hanging just charming? You can make something just as beautiful using a simple clothes hanger, some cord, a pair of scissors, test tubes, beads and a small basket. Secure a piece of cord to the hanger and attach the vase (test tube). Attach a bead and tie a knot. At the other end attach another test tube with larger bead. In the middle, hang the basket. You’ll be able to find more instructions on monstercircus.