Wall Clock or Wall Art?

Like all children, I was fascinated by things and their mechanisms, why they move and what makes them move in a certain way. And when I could not figure out by myself I was frustrated and wanted to know the truth as soon as possible. This is how I decided to remove the back of a wall clock and see what was inside. I was simply;y stunned seeing so many gears and little pieces that seemed to work with a lot of ease. Well, I still remember what I saw then and this memory was brought back to my mind by this special Wall arrangement called Gear Wall Art with Clock.

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It is indeed wall art, as it was created to be a beautiful wall accessory and it looks really nice, I admit. But this artistic accessory also integrates a wall clock. It looks like one of Leonardo da Vinci’s works and still very modern, too. It is an industrial piece of work and is made of metal. However, it has a hand painted finish, which makes it look great. It works with one AA battery and you can purchase it for $149.99 from World Market web site.