Walcourt Rectangular Wood Bench

We are now used to having a lot of comforting, of sitting on soft and comfy cushions and avoiding hard surfaces as much as possible. Well, despite what most people might think, wooden benches can be really comfortable and useful, especially if you plan to use them outdoors. Of course cushions cannot be used there, as outdoor furniture is supposed to be left out in all kinds of weather, so this would not be a very good idea. But this Walcourt Rectangular Wood Bench does not need a cushion to be perfect. It is simple in design and amazing.

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This bench is made by hand following a traditional Flemish design and also using traditional joinery. It combines traditional and modern very well and these two styles go together in an incredible way, bringing a special feature to the place. The material used is American walnut and white oak and they are carefully dried and after that joined together and handcrafted into a remarkable piece of furniture. The fact that the wood core is dried up to 7% moisture content makes the furniture really water resistant and you can leave it in the sun and in the rain all summer long and it won’t be affected a bit. The item is manufactured in USA only by order for $3,730-3,930 on Waterworks.