Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Every time I go to the mountains I prefer staying in a rustic hostel where I feel more “at home” than in a pretentious five stars hotel. And one of these times I saw a very well designed living room, where the lady of the house used every piece of rustic devices to construct a very nice and yet modern environment. I mean they used everything from a real wagon wheel as a chandelier to traditional pottery as flower pots and … you use your imagination for the rest. Any way, I was pretty curious if you could only do such a thing by yourself or it could be possible to purchase it on the Internet and, to my surprise, I found out that you could. Actually there are more models to choose from, but I liked this one best.

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This amazing chandelier is made, as you have already inferred of a real wagon wheel which can be fixed to the ceiling with a stylized chain. Of course in the past they used this kind of chandelier with wax candles, but now these use electric light bulbs instead. But they are very well hidden inside six very nice-looking glass hurricanes. It looks perfectly traditional and works perfectly fine at the same time. You can purchase this product on Amazon for a price between $400 and 900.

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