Wabi sabi interior collection

There is a new variety of interior furniture collection, which is very innovative in their design and has great utility. This variety of the interior furniture collection is called the Wabi Sabi interior collection and is designed by famous interior designer Chiara Daniele. The collection has more of sleek furniture sets, and is made mostly out of wood.

Wabi sabi interior collection2

As for the aesthetic appeal, the pieces of this collection look a little unfinished and rough. But that’s all part of the design. The idea was to design a collection that can make the brute and rough pieces look beautiful and to be functional. And the result is more than acceptable.

Wabi sabi interior collection5

Wabi sabi interior collection

It’s a modern approach to the authentic furniture design. The sofa and the bed look quite comfortable and the table is interesting too. The combination of materials is not the most common but it looks good and that’s important. This collection is not meant to be sophisticated or fancy. Instead it was designed to bring a little vintage and authenticity to your home. The materials used are mostly natural and the colors are also quiet and natural. There’s a lot of wood involved and that makes it even more appropriate for a simple home. All the little details that are not visible at a first look, are what make everything special. For example the fact that the bed is suspended or that the table has a transparent extension.