W Paris – Opéra Traditional Boutique Hotel

When you visit a town, beside the touristic attractions, a very important objectif is also the hotel in which you are about to book in. The ‘W Paris – Opéra’ is finally made its way to France. The brand ‘W’ made the hotel in an old 1870s Haussmann-era building in the city’s Opéra district.  The W Paris– Opéra was designed by Diego Gronda RockWell Group Europe, and did a marvelous, classic job.

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The hotel consists in beautiful rooms that combine classic style furniture with modern lines and colors. The ‘W Paris – Opéra’ offers you a place where you can eat while you are in the hotel. The restaurant comes in tables of four. The furniture has a very classic touch, with joyful colors added to the chairs. The restaurant seems like a playful yet serious place. The hotel is perfect made for your trips inParis. You and your company (family or friends) will be able to spend quality moments in the hotel W Paris – Opéra, a hotel that will give you everything you need. The location is perfect for such a wonderful hotel.

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The bedrooms have everything you want. Starting with champagne for your pleasures and finishing with a romantic view on the big window, the place sparkles in, how I would like to say, a king’s paradise. The colors inside the hotel, especially in the hotel rooms are very warm, which gives a cozy feeling, a feeling that you get in your own apartment