Volskar lamp collection by Blue Nature

Created by Blue Nature, a business located near Lille, in Northern France, this beautiful collection features three different lam designs that try to imitate nature and to help the user bring a piece of it inside, where he can enjoy it all the time. Of course, there are also other pieces and designs that were creation with the same purpose, and none of them compares to this collection.

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All three lamps share the same principles and structure. They’re made of a steady steel structure at the base that helps keep the lamp in place. Then, the middle part in made of natural birch wood and it has a shape resembling a tree or a miniature version of it. The top is a very simple and elegant white lampshade that makes everything look chic and even sophisticated.

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The lamps have different sizes. There’s one that measures 122 cm in height, another one with 156 cm and the tallest one, measuring 187 cm in height. They are a great way of including nature in the interior design. The lamps are a combination of natural and modern elements that work together to form an equilibrated piece. The lamps are great for a lot of different types of homes, because of the combination of materials used to make them. They would look equally good just about anywhere.