Volo Chair:A Tottaly Different Chair

When people think about a chair, they think about an object, an item that they need to sit on when they eat, when they are in their office or at home, in front of the computer. They definitely do not think about the Volo Chair and they do not even imagine that someone could design a chair like this particular one, or at least this is the case of ordinary people.

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Why is this chair designed by a German designer Andreas Störiko so special? Because it is different: it is simple and sophisticated at the same time. You could think that its place is in a spaceship as it reminds me of the famous movie with aliens, but let’s get back to earth… except the fact that it is definitely another type of chair, when you see it, it gives you the impression that it is very light because of the simple superior part, but at the same time, it has a steel base which makes you feel comfortable.

Although it is different, this simple chair can be the one which makes you feel relaxed, forget about a long day at work or it it can turn into a way of letting your thoughts fly or dream about a better world, without having to worry about the past or the future and just feel good about being yourself in your cosy chair, no matter where it is placed.