Volet Vegetal Window Garden For Apartments

There are people who love spices and spicy food. They buy them from the market, in a raw or dried variant although it is preferable to have your own garden where you can plant all the plants and spices that you like and need.I love spicy food too. For me, a dish without pepper, salt and many other spices I can add to it has no taste and no color.

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If you also love spices and plants and you want to have your own garden in your small apartment, here it is an idea.Actually, it is a prototype that was designed for Parisian Design Contest where it was considered one of the best projects.The project was called “Volet vegetal” and represents a small vegetable garden which can be situated right in front of the window. Actually, the entire planter structure is plugged into the window. Its vertical and horizontal positions make it become a multifunctional piece. The vertical position filters the air and shutters the light inside while its horizontal position provides it an ornamental function.

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Although it is only a prototype, you can use all the details and create your own multifunctional Volet Vegetal window garden. You can have your own vegetable garden which you can take care of it whenever you like and watch the results of your work everyday. The plants that will grow will be healthy and you will bring you the satisfaction that you need. It will also represent your green spot which will make you feel closer to nature, more relaxed and make you more optimistic.