Vitra Noa Bathtub

Check out the wooden-layered bathtub that comes with a wooden roll-matt which uncovers/covers the bathtub to serve as a massage seat. The bathroom fixtures are designed to realize the new bathroom architectural lines, like, for example, the new series of Vitra4Life offers four different individual bathtubs from Vitra in collaboration with the German design buro, Noa. The design of this bathtub is very simple, yet very nice looking because the combination of white from the bathtub and he brownish wood from the bathtub support and covering mat is really eye-catchy.

Vitra noa lqm7v 12

The wooden stand for the bathtub is all natural and beautifully designed and it matches any kind of bathroom – either modern or classic. The really interesting feature of this bathtub is the wooden mat that covers the bathtub when it is not used. This way you can place some other items on this cover and also make the bathroom look better.