Vision Water Filtration Pitcher

If you live in the city and you are connected to the main plumbing system then you certainly have some problems with the water if you want to drink it directly from the tap. It has some impurities and is not very healthy as the tubes can be rusted and the water is not filtered enough. So if you want to drink this water and still be healthy, then you should do something to get your water cleaned. And the best and fastest way to do this is by getting this Vision Water Filtration Pitcher. It is a very special pitcher that gives you the possibility to filter your water when puring it in the cup or glass.

The pitcher is made of stainless steel and has a ten cup capacity. If you want to know exactly how much water you have inside you can use the side window that has measurement lines on it and this way you can see if the pitcher is full or not and fill only the desired capacity. The two stage filter of the pitcher is first trapping the smaller particles you can eventually find in the water and then the small particles. The second stage uses carbon and can also eliminate more than half of the clorine you can usually find in tap water. Any way, the water resulted will be a lot cleaner and tastier and the pitcher can be purchased for just $6.25-$35.96.