Vinyl Rainbow Vases

All people of Irish origins around the world celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day on Saturday, 17th March. I talked to my students about this celebration and also about the beautiful Irish legends, among which there is a legend saying there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I find it very nice and inspiring and it reminded me of these Vinyl Rainbow Vases I saw on Unison Home web site. These vases are great and yet simple in design. Normally vases are made just to support flowers and to allow them to be admired and displayed in the middle of the table and of the room.

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But these vases are pleasant for the eyes by themselves, without needing the beauty of flowers for being admired. They are very interesting in design as they do not look at all like normal vases, but they are rather flat and looking like a plastic bag. They are made of Polyester, Polyamide and Polyethylene and come from Japan. Part of Hope Forever Blossoming series, these unusual flower vases are available in two models: pink and green. They spread light though the water and give you the impression of rainbow, creating a great visual impact. However, these vases are not very stable and they can easily tip over if you do not make sure the bottom is properly filled with water. Designed by D-Bros, the set of vases can be bought for $25.