Vintage wood chalkboard calendar

A calendar can be very useful in a home. However, it’s hard to integrate it into the décor when most calendar designs are tacky and don’t really match with everything. But we found a very creative and ingenious solution for that problem. This is a simple but very interesting calendar that features a wooden frame and a chalkboard surface.The calendar is made of wood, metal and MDF. Its overall dimensions are 18.5″w, 3.75″d, 23″h and it features a beautiful vintage look. The frame is simple and has a rustic look. However, this is not the star of this design.

Vintage Wood Calendar Chalkboard

The interesting part is the fast that the calendar features a washable chalkboard with graphics of all 12 months and 31 days. It also includes 3 slots for holding the chalk or other accessories and a total of 6 hooks at the bottom for hanging coats. So not only that it’s a very original calendar but it’s also a practical storage unit for coats and other accessories.

The calendar comes with brackets at the back for proper wall placement. It’s very easy to install and it doesn’t require any specialized knowledge. I find this calendar very creative and original. It would make a unique decoration for the home and it would also be a functional piece at the same time. Moreover, the calendar is also a versatile piece that could be integrated anywhere from the office to the bedroom or even the living room if the interior design allows it.Available for 49$.