Vintage studio apartment in New York

This is the small but charming home of designer Kevin Dumais. It’s a studio apartment located in the Financial District of New York. Even though it covers only 475 square meters, the apartment is very charming and inviting. In fact, small apartment are often cozier than large mansions.

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The apartment might be small, but its owner managed to beautifully decorate it in a charming vintage style. The result was a functional space with a stylish décor. Even though separately the pieces used to decorate the studio are classical, together they form a very original composition. Since the apartment is small, the designer decided to use paint to define the different areas and create a graduate transition. He also used pattern to break the monotony and to rescale the rooms. There’s a very interesting color contrast in here.

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The walls from the sleeping area and the kitchen have been deliberately painted dark. They have been complemented by vintage furniture and glass features. As we can all see, for the owner of this apartment, a tiny space was not an obstacle but rather a challenge that he had fun surpassing. Kevin managed to completely remodel and redecorate this place with a total budget of $6.000.He wanted to create a décor with a strong visual impact but that would also feel cozy and comfortable and he was very successful in doing that.{found on apartmenttherapy}.