Vintage magnum bottle lamp

All of us have at least one lamp at home, no matter the size of our house or of our room. Lamps are such a necessary object in a house that I cannot imagine my life without them and I am sure that now, that you are thinking about it, you feel the same. It is so nice to stay in bed or in an armchair and enjoy the pleasant light of your favorite lamp reading a book!

Vintage bottle lamp

Nowadays there are so many options, so many shapes, colors and sizes that it is impossible not to find what you want and what suits your house. You can also take into consideration the lamps in the picture or at least try to make up your mind what exactly you prefer. The 20 th century lamps you can see are special not because of their different shapes and size, but most because they were made of vintage wine bottles.

From the smallest to the largest, they all have an interesting shape, color and seem to provide not only another perspective over the world of books, but also a different kind of design, modern, vintage and original at the same time. You can find all of them for $350.