Vintage luggage furniture collection to remember old times

Vintage designs started to become more and more popular, as a paradox. Although they use old objects and symbols, they are in trend. Using a vintage décor you make a statement about art’s immortality and value and you return in a time that probably you like more. Each era has its charm and some people are nostalgic about different periods because they make them think about different styles of living, different values and forgotten customs.

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You may choose to decorate your room entirely in a vintage way or you may opt just or some vintage details. Designer and decorator Emmanuelle Legavre proposes a new way of recalling old times, by creating a set of furniture that looks like some old luggage. The collection appeared at EL Paris and it is entitled Valises, which in English means ‘luggage’. As its name expresses, the pieces of furniture are in shape of luggage and can come in different shapes, sizes, colors and utilities. The items take the shape of chests, tables or drawers and come is specific colors for ‘70’s luggage, such as cream and brown pastels, with stripes, squares or different types of leather imitation skin.

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Emmanuelle Legavre is a French designer and decorator that works from 10 years for different well-known furniture brands. Her idea of luggage look-alike chests was very inspired because the shape of the furniture allows a profitable storage while, letting you to install such a piece of furniture in almost any kind of interior design, from classic to the most modern ones.