Vintage Grapevine Corkscrew

The first people on Earth had to be very creative and they transformed the things around them into whatever they needed. They did not have stores and plastic, so they had to rely exclusively on their skills. Well, today some creative artists and artisans thought it would be a good idea to go back to those times and use wood or bits of wood that are otherwise totally useless and turn them into useful tools. This Vintage Grapevine Corkscrew is the perfect example. Each such corkscrew is unique and original, as it is made of a different grapevine and after that it is attached the metal screw.

The grapevine fragment is carefully chosen so as to have the perfect size. It must be long enough to handle in your hand and to offer enough support for the metal screw. Then it is cleaned and dried, after that polished and lacquered so as to look all shiny and great.These items are very unusual and you would never guess what they are used for at first sight. They are organic and natural and use materials you would otherwise throw away. And they are available for $32.