Vintage Etched Glass Dessert Plates

Christmas is a special holiday when most families come together and enjoy a family dinner. This is when they usually take out the best tableware. Mothers and grandmothers dust the old drawers or other storage facilities and bring out the best dishes and glasses that are used twice or three times a year. Now, when Christmas is just a few days away, all the people look for these items. And I think if you want to make some changes you can purchase a new set any time. Take a look at this set of 12 Vintage Etched Glass Dessert Plates. They are so elegant and stylish and very refined, that you can’t wait to use them.


The plates are perfect for appetizers or desserts, as they have 7 7/8” in diameter. The design of the plate is great and the season wreath you can see on the side is hand applied. The set of plates looks more vintage than modern, but still great. The glass the plates are made of is transparent and lets you see through it, which is a bit unusual for plates. But it is this feature that allows you to see and enjoy the nice design on the side of the plates. You can order the set online for $144.